Reliv Independent Distributor
My Husband Is The Reason
The man in the picture is me, Bill. I am Arlene's nearly 74 year old husband. This is my story. When I turned 59 1/2,   I cashed out an IRA to invest all-in as a RELIV Master Affiliate. A friend at work had discussed the compensation plan with me, and it made a lot of sense. Plus I learned the products offered great beenefits!

Now 14 years later, and with many, many cans consumed by me, as my age increased, my various nutritional needs have been met. I am in amazing health for anyone my age and with my life experiences. Many of my  similar age friends are suffering all kinds of health issues, a few, sadly, have passed away.

After I started using the Reliv products, I was soon experiencing a better feeling of energy and renewed vigor. With heart health issues in my family history, I also consistently use CardioSentials. GlucAffect is clinically shown to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and support weight management. Taking Arthaffect maintains my healthy joint function. So that now I can continue to manage my weight, and pursue a general healthy life style using these superior Reliv products.

While we each are different individuals, I can testify my health, wellness and quality of life is now what it is because of that decision I made, and stayed with over these years. I am able to continue to work regularly, enjoy activities and volunteer for church missions because of my current physical condition. 

I am our Reliv testimony and why our family will never stop taking RELIV!!